Solutions By Product
Stand Up Pouch aka Mr. Popular
The stand up pouch is a growing packaging segment because of its versatility. From liquid to dry goods various material options can be implemented to fully customize to your exact needs. Very cost competitive to its rigid counter parts and excellent graphics opportunities. This is definitely something to consider.
Side Gusset Pouch
Adopted early in the pet food and lawn and garden industries the side gusseted pouch can be made to hold over 30 lbs of product easily. It palletizes very easily and offers 4 panels to display marketing information. Depending on size this can either stand up or lay down. Offering many different presentation opportunities on the retail shelf.
Flat Pouch
The flat pouch is a staple in the vacuum pouch industry, but can be used in many ways. This pouch style is commonly found with hanger holes for retail shelves or stacked very neatly in freezers. The opportunities are endless with this format.
Back Seam Pouch
Our back seam pouch is available with either a fin or lap seal in order to look identical to form fill and seal type packaging.
With state of the art slitting equipment, rollstock and sheeting is a big part of what we offer. We can make table top rolls with excellent geometry to your exact specifications.
Wicketted & Sideweld Poly Bags
With over 40 years of converting experience we have mastered this popular format. Together with ur extrusion department we can make any specification you like and offer excellent leadtimes.
Oxo-Degradable Poly
We extrude EPI oxodegradable material in house. Depending on the application it will begin to degrade in approximately 12 months time. For more information go to
Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics
There is a growing interest in fully degradable plastics. It is important to know what standard you would like to follow as there are a few options currently available. Almost all of our packaging formats can have one of these specialty materials implemented in them. Other factors such as gauge and ink coverage can affect the materials and it is important to know that when choosing this option there are usually longer leadtimes and testing required in order to achieve the proper accreditations.