Fresh & Frozen Produce

Packaging is of the utmost importance to the fresh and frozen food industry, as this type of food is prone to perish rapidly without proper packaging. Packaging plays a crucial role in preserving taste, aroma, texture, freshness and nutritional values for fresh and frozen food. Tempo Plastics utilizes quality food-grade packing materials suitable for raw, semi-cooked and fully cooked foods. Your packaging solution will be customized to meet any of your required packaging tolerances such as negative temperature environments or highly permeable film to allow fresh fruits and vegetable to breathe.

Tempo Plastics leads the Canadian Market for Modified Atmosphere Packaging with our revolutionary TimeFreshTM pouch technology, which offers a complete series of bags, pouches and films. Our TimeFreshTM packaging is engineered to maintain the appearance, texture and flavor of fruits and vegetables without the use of preservatives and incorporates ethylene gas absorption and anti-fog functionality.