Press to Close Zipper
Not all zippers are created equal. This consumer favourite is a flange style press to close zipper on all of our pouches. It has excellent plyability for automated filling applications.
1 way Valve
Although very popular in the coffee industry this one way degassing valve has multiple applications. Our flexible valves are applied in line and offer equal degassing rates to the traditional rigid versions at a more competitive price point.
Hanger Holes
There are many names used in the industry for these styles of hanger holes; however we carry the most common standard shapes and sizes currently found in retail environments.
The trend to have convenient handles has been increasing especially in club and bulk formats. We have many offerings including our own proprietary technology with some of the strongest handles currently in the market.
Steam Valves
Consumers are expecting more from their packaging. Heat up or Cook in the pouch applications offer the ultimate convenience, Many variables are taken into account when creating this specialty packaging but we are have many options for both microwave and oven cooking methods.
Micro and Laser Perforations
Although we are experts at making leak proof pouches, certain products require different permeability rates through the packaging. Small micro perfs or virtually invisible laserperfs can greatly improve many elements from simply palletizing to extended shelf life.